Our Privacy Policy

We deliver all our services while ensuring your privacy. The privacy policy will let you know Everything regarding your privacy. For instance, what is our style of collecting your personal information? How will we use that, and what personal data will we take from you? We implement the privacy policy at all our services and products that we offer to our customers. Are you planning to take our services? If so, we will suggest you carefully read the whole document to have an idea about our privacy policy.


Please consider it before you use our site that we use cookies on our site. We want to provide our customers the best buying experience and enhance their usage of our services and website. The cookies allow us to track information and reviews for you, and it also helps the site owners to keep a record of all this. If you do not want it, you can deny cookies from your settings.

Your Information

We require some of your personal information for proceeding with the processes. This data includes your name, phone number, information on the card, and your email address. Do not worry about your personal information because we will keep it safe and secure. We value the customer’s privacy and will not pass on any information to a third person. There are many ways that we can use to collect this data from you. Some of them are as listed below:
When you place your order.

  • When you register yourself on the site.
  • When you give your response in any survey.
  • When you are filling out different forms.

Use Of Information

We take your information for improving our services and some other reasons. For instance, we will use this for the following purposes:

  • To send you emails
  • To respond to your requests
  • To enhance your customer experience with us
  • To bring improvement in our site functions

Your Acceptance

You need to accept and agree to our privacy policy before you use our website. If you do not do so, you should bypass using our website.

Changes In Our Policy

We own our website, and we do have all rights to change and update our terms, conditions, and policies whenever we want. It is better to view the recent update of our policy on our site before you take any service from us.

Contact Information

If there is any query regarding the terms and conditions of the privacy policy, you can ask for it and contact us.